RASA Brings a New Generation's Spin on Indian Food

“It might be fast and casual, but a lot of effort goes into this food. Almost everything is made from scratch, including garam masala, whose ingredients go through a spice grinder the business partners picked up in India”



First Look: RASA

“We raved about our samples of RASA at last spring’s New Kitchens on the Block. As long as they maintained their flavors, we knew we’d like the brick and mortar version. They maintained the flavors. It’s easily the most flavorful fast casual option in D.C.”



Next-Generation Indian Restaurant Rasa Rises in Navy Yard

“Customers are transported to India even before they enter the 2,300-square-foot space. An ornate door was created by Rahman’s aunt in India and shipped stateside in multiple pieces. Inside, the cavernous space will give off a whimsical vibe — starting with a three-seat swing set behind the main window.”




RASA Brings Us Incredible Fast Casual Indian Fare

"I’ve been raving about my experience at Rasa since the moment I left that glorious lunch. Between the quality ingredients, great ambiance, and exceedingly friendly service, Rasa went above and beyond what you’d expect from a 'fast casual experience.' And they even offer adult beverages!"



Flavor-Blasted Casual Indian Restaurant RASA Opens Wednesday in Navy Yard

“When you sample the separate components of a dish at RASA, opening Dec. 6 in Navy Yard, you're hit with the intense flavors of Indian herbs and spices. The peanut sesame sauce is savory, the tamarind ginger chutney is fiery, and the dehydrated bitter melon slices used to add crunch are this year's kale chips. Together they form a bowl as boisterous as the soundtrack to any Bollywood movie."



This new fast-casual Indian restaurant serves spicy rice bowls and masala gin and tonics

“It’s worth veering from the pre-made bowls for the spiced beef, flavored with a blend of cardamom, cinnamon, clove, coriander and ginger that packs fiery heat. Try mixing it with dehydrated bitter melon and a peanut sesame sauce for a harmonious blend of spicy, earthy and savory flavors.”